CLEAN is a fragrance series that is inspired by the scent of cleanliness and soap.

CLEAN is a fragrance series that is inspired by the scent of cleanliness and soap.

Clean Parfume

CLEAN is a fragrance series inspired by the scent of cleanliness and soap, just like when you step out of the bath.

I think we can all imagine what it means to smell dirty, but what about smelling clean? It is a more difficult concept to understand as there are so many different interpretations of what it means to smell clean. To me, cleanliness is the smell of fresh laundry straight out of the dryer, an empty street right after a rainstorm, or a splash of bright, fresh citrus.

However, I think the greatest thing about a clean scent is, that you know it when you smell it. I am obsessed with fragrance and I have lots of scents that I have labeled in my mind as "clean smelling" that I rotate through my collection. The biggest similarity they have is that these scents always make me feel fresh and new - like a blank slate. I use them when I want to feel like I'm giving myself a fresh start. Keep reading to find my favorite clean smelling scents. Some may even surprise you.

Clean Reserve is a new and exciting launch from the fragrance brand Clean. The collection is a mix of unique pairings to create sustainable beauty. I've been trying the Clean Reserve Warm Cotton this week.

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What is sustainable beauty you ask? Essentially, the fragrances are harvested from ingredients from global consumption and are made in an environmentally friendly way to help maintain and support the communities that grow these ingredients. The packaging is made using sustainable and recyclable products, which in turn reduces our environmental footprint.

Smells well and helps keep the environment and local communities alive? I'm in!

There are 5 scents in the collection and I had the pleasure of trying Warm Cotton - a lovely mix of warm and fresh scents that I immediately loved. I'm definitely drawn to more of a musky, sexier scent, but this one has a beautiful depth of scent that's incredibly unique and alluring while remaining light and fresh on the skin.

This fragrance includes benzoin, which is a vanilla-colored resin harvested by Southeast Asian farmers in an eco-conscious way. Benzoin is harvested without harming the tree it is derived from, and Clean Reserve aims to educate farmers to ensure this remains the case. That in itself is quite special.

With top notes of ginger and aldehyde, the scent is instantly warm but slightly fresh before settling into itself as you get a floral yet musky finish. The middle notes include mint and pepper for a slightly spicy but fresh feel and you can really smell the musk and vetiver for that extra depth.

These scents can also be combined with others from the collection and Warm Cotton must be combined with Rain for an extra unique floral yet deep scent.

I really enjoy this for everyday wear as it's softer than what I usually go for but is just as unique as my more musky scents.

What are your favorite types of fragrances?

You can find Clean Perfumer here by clicking HERE

Clean Perfume was founded in 2003 in the USA by Randi Shinder. Inspired by the simple beauty of a scented soap, the original Clean fragrance – titled Clean – was the first in a successful series of unpretentious and enjoyable scents that celebrate such pleasant aromas as freshly showered skin, fresh laundry and crisp cotton t - shirts.

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