Kevin Murphy's BODY.BUILDER creates big fantastic shapes, with flexible fullness and hold. It marks a huge comeback for mousse - only without the crunch and stickiness of the 80s versions. Instead, you get body and hold that is super flexible, soft, hydrating and weightless.

BODY.BUILDER, infused with Cassia and Lemon Balm, smells amazing – which is more than we can say for some gym rats that bone.

BODY.BUILDER is cruelty-free and friendly to the planet, which makes it even more appealing to our stylists and our customers. For every can of BODY.BUILDER sold, Kevin makes a financial contribution to help reduce global carbon emissions.

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How to use Kevin Murphy BODY.BUILDER

Not sure how to use BODY.BUILDER? We get it. Your Beauty Operators stylist can guide you through it. In the meantime, here are a few tips:

Apply to clean, damp hair. Start at the ends and mid-lengths and work your way up.

When you get to your roots, really massage BODY.BUILDER in. This will help create volume and space between the stands, which is great for fine hair.

Use liberally. As much as you want. Really.

Try it through with a wide-toothed comb.

Section your hair and take a large round brush and blow-dry to straighten the hair.


  • Styling mousse
  • Contains UV protection
  • Contains sunflower seed extract and vitamin B
  • Contains almond and citrus extracts which provide hold and a silky shine


  • Shake well before use
  • Keep the bottle for approx. 45 degree angle
  • Press an appropriate amount into the palm of your hand
  • Use this foam/mousse to e.g. define curls or hair fall, or simply when you want fuller hair
  • Recommended for use on wet hair, for best possible results

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