Lash growth serums are amazing and on sale for just DKK 479. They ensure that the beautiful lashes you want are actually yours and won't disappear when it's time to take off your makeup at the end of the night.

Do you have less full brows or have you overplucked your brows and want help to achieve stronger hair growth? This product is an active serum that promotes the growth of brow hair effectively.

Yes, they take a little time to work – usually around four weeks for the first results – but the end results of full, natural lashes are so worth it.

Some common ingredients that eyelash serums contain are peptides, prostaglandin and hair conditioning ingredients that all work to support healthy eyelash growth.

This eyelash growth serum is developed with M2 Beauté's innovative PRODEW® 500, a complex specially developed to repair damaged hair from the root and support healthy, conditioned hair. It strengthens the hair from within the follicle, prolongs the growth cycle of the individual eyelash and temporarily stops the natural hair loss process.

Packed full of moisturizing ingredients such as Panthenol, Biotin and Hyaluronic Acid, this eyelash serum provides essential moisture that will tackle problems such as breakage lashes and brittleness.

However, it contains a prostaglandin analogue called Norbimatoprost - while it lengthens lashes, it can also have other unwanted side effects. It also contains alcohol, which can cause irritation to sensitive eyes.

At 5ml, this eyelash growth serum offers a lot of product in a single tube, it also has a higher price to match - more than double the other sera on this list.

M2 Beauté's eyelash serum promises to give you longer, more beautiful and fuller lashes in just six to eight weeks, with visible eyelash growth of an average of 45%. M2 Beauté is the most thoroughly tested and well-documented eyelash serum on the market.

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Use of M2 Eyelash serum.

Only apply serum to clean, dry eyelashes
For the absolute best results, always apply your eyelash serum to clean and dry eyelashes – preferably just before bed, when your face is free of makeup that can prevent the serum from absorbing.

Targeting the roots of your lashes, not the lengths
The key to a successful eyelash serum is to strengthen the hair at the root. While there's no doubt that serum applied to your lash lengths will make them less brittle, the nourishing serum must be applied to the root of the follicle for lasting, dramatic results.

Use only once a day
Applying the lash serum more than once a day will not make your eyelashes grow faster and you will end up going through your lash serum all too fast.

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M2 BEAUTÉ Eyebrow Renewing Serum lengthens and thickens sparse and over-plucked eyebrows thanks to its innovative active ingredient complex containing black sea sardine oil, arginine and biotin. These key ingredients stimulate active and inactive hair roots to promote natural growth. Hyaluronic acid and provitamin B5 condition and nourish brows deep into the roots for visible results within 6 to 8 weeks of use.

Use the specially designed applicator to apply Eyebrow Renewing Serum directly to the areas where you want to improve the appearance of your eyebrows.
Use Eyebrow Renewing Serum once a day – for best results in the evening after removing your make-up – on clean, dry and oil-free eyebrows.
Allow a short period for the serum to absorb , before applying your usual skin care products.

The innovative EYEBROWS RENEWING SERUM naturally regenerates sparse or over-plucked eyebrows. Within six to eight weeks, it produces new, unexpected fullness. Combined with nourishing components such as biotin and hyaluronic, the highly effective complex of active ingredients with black sea sedum oil stimulates both the active and inactive hair roots in the eyebrows, which has been shown to promote their natural growth.

The result: thick, well-groomed eyebrows and a wide range of new styling options.

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