Paco Rabanne 1 Million may not cost a million, but it sure feels like it. This fragrance is an ode to our desire for success. span>The top notes of blood orange, grapefruit and mint lead you to its warm heart of spicy notes, cinnamon and rose, where it ultimately leaves a lasting impression through its base of amber, leather, woody notes and patchouli.< /p>

Its hard-hitting aromatic profile leaves no room for doubt when a man with a plan is in your presence. This fragrance is distinctive, rich and classic, which is why it is always popular among men.

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Paco Rabanne 1 Million Edt Spray 100 ml


Versace Eros draws inspiration from Greek mythology, where Eros is the god of love. That is why this fragrance radiates passion, confidence and desire.

This fresh, aromatic fragrance introduces itself with mint at the top, which is supported by the combination of Italian lemon peel and green apples. Creamy Madagascar vanilla, combined with warm tonka bean, creates a sensual scent. The woody base of cedar, vetiver and oakmoss ties this powerful perfume together.

Versace Eros Pour Homme Edt Spray 50ml is ssensual and addictive, this fragrance will make you feel like a Greek god. Its popularity was never in doubt.

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Versace Eros Pour Homme Edt Spray 50 ml


We continuously evaluate the tried and true classic colognes that are worth your time, and every time, Issey Miyake's makes the cut. The Japanese designer's signature fragrance harmonizes fresh-smelling notes of yuzu, lemon, blue lotus and vetiver with base notes of amber, tobacco, cedar, sandalwood and musk. All together give just the right scent that you can reliably use all year round.

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Issey Miyake L'Eau D'Issey Pour Homme Edt Spray 75 ml

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Eternity EDT is evergreen : sage, cedar, bergamot and moss combine for an earthy and refreshing finish and at a price, that is kind to the green in your wallet. This is one of those fragrances that everyone recognizes as it is an easy choice as a signature fragrance or as a gift for the cologne-curious .

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Calvin Klein Eternity For Men Edt Spray 50 ml





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